Auditions for PACK OF LIES

The Delta Xi Cast of Alpha Psi Omega would like to announce auditions for our Summer production, “Pack of Lies” by Hugh Whitemore and directed by Joe Phillips.

Auditions will be on June 30th, July 1st and 2nd starting at 7 PM each night at West Hall Auditorium on the RPI Campus in Troy, NY. You only have to come to one audition night, but you are welcome to come more than one night.

Performance dates are September 6, 7, 13, 14 at 8 PM and September 8th at 2 PM at the RPI Playhouse.

Auditions will involve readings from the script – and please bring your calendar and a detailed list of schedule issues from July through mid-September. Rehearsals will begin in early to mid-July. For information, contact Joe Phillips, the director, at (518) 464-2698 or

Additionally, if you would like to read the show before auditioning, please contact me at and I can get a perusal script for you.

Help spread the word by inviting your friends to the Facebook event at the following link:

Pack of Lies Info:
A suspense drama about a family caught up in an undercover investigation involving espionage – that may involve their next door neighbors and best friends. How well do you know your neighbors – and how much do you trust your government to tell you the truth? Where do your loyalties lie – with your friends or your duty as a citizen?

Character Breakdown (5F, 3M):
(Ages listed for characters are as in the script — obviously, casting decisions regarding actual age of performers will depend on turnout)

Barbara Jackson – 40’s, a typical fussy British stay-at-home mom, worried about her teenaged daughter, protective of her home and its privacy, loyal to her friends. Maybe a tad nervous.

Bob Jackson – 40’s, Barbara’s husband, more unflappable than his wife, an everyday, hardworking upper-middle class fellow, not ostentatious or nosy or pushy, a go-along, solid-citizen sort.

Julie Jackson – their daughter, 16-18-ish, old enough for mom to be worried about her habits and the company she keeps. A typical suburban teen, independent, carefree, a bit adventurous, generally responsible.

Helen Kroger – could be anywhere from 30’s to 50’s – the next-door neighbor, Canadian (or is she American?), informal, a talker, generous, friendly, curious, a little goofy at times. Bob calls her “Dizzy Lizzie” — but she’s more competent and steady than he thinks. Seemingly the perfect neighbor and confidante, and a great and genuine friend to Barbara and Julie.

Peter Kroger – Helen’s husband, 30-s to 50’s – Of the two, less easy to know, almost all business, more private than his wife, less chummy, keeps to himself. Reins Helen in at times.

Mr. Stewart – 40’s and up, self-described as a government bureaucrat, involved in anti-espionage work. Affable, officially pleasant, polite. May seem a little absent-minded and offhanded – but he gives away very little information, guarded without appearing overly so. Efficient, breezy, matter-of-fact.

Thelma and Sally – a couple of Stewart’s undercover “young ladies,” , 20’s and up. Thelma’s probably the younger of the two, affable and charming, and she gets friendly with the Jacksons and becomes concerned about how they’re handling the stake-out. Can snap to business when the situation demands. Sally keeps the family more at a professional arm’s length and is the briefer role.