January 2014 General Meeting Notes

January 1/25 General Meeting

Attendees: Jake B, Jessica R, Pat Holmes, Jim H, Michelle Z, Matt S, Maggie O, Ryan K, Madeline H, Maggie S


Meeting Opened: 12:10


Director’s Report:

– Planning to set up a meeting with RPI Players EComm and John Kolb to discuss two things: (1) how to formerly word the relationship between the two organizations for our Constitution and Union relationship.  (2)The possibility and level of interested in hosting the TANYS festival in 2015 and 2016.

– Jake and Pat reviewed with the new members what TANYS is and how it might be run on this campus.

– We did not have quorum, so we are holding off our vote until next month – vote will just be to agree to submit a bid.

– Workshops – Jake is planning to organize a set design workshop this semester.  Will be looking at the Players schedule, as it would be best to have it in the building – goal to have it before the end of EOP. Pat also mentioned her professor at New Paltz might be willing to help.

– Need to have a Nom Com meeting before the February meeting to determine if we will have a Spring pledge cycle.

– Playhouse now has key card access instead of phsyical keys.  Jed is on the T-Comm, so the officers do have access.  Some of our officers will attend the next Players General Meeting (next weekend) to bring up our concerns.

– Bob Healy was not notified about the Q Award.  He was out of town and Jake did not have his correct phone number.  Jim requested that a formal written apology be sent out and Jake agreed.


Stage Manager’s Report

– Going to update the cast’s internal mailing list to add the new members

– Will be sending our new member’s contact information to Nationals.  Will make sure Jed sends in the money for them as well.

– Jim reminded Jessica to use and update the Google calendar for AYW.


Business Manager’s Report

– Out of town for the meeting

– We have money (did not have an exact amount on hand)

– Jim sent him some free software to check out


Archivist Report

– Nothing new to report

– Need to hold a Nom Com – Review our pool of canidates for who has met the minumum requirements.

– Add in the AYW Show (Pack of Lies) , Earnest, Shut and Bar the Door, and ‘America.

– We chose the evening of Presidents Day – Feb 17th at 6:00 to have the Nom Com, and we will have the General Meeting at 8:00.


Webmaster Report

– Planning to gather photos of the new plaques and put them onto the website wall.

– Madeline asked to make sure the photos that we missing/messed up would also be fixed for older classes.


Old News


– Set design run by Jake prior to EOP ending

– We have people interested in running a Sound Design Meeting.  (Primarily Joel Lord with Jim H and Paul K supporting/heckling).  Would aim for before Spring Break (not too far into the musical).

– Jake needs to get John Kolb to sign the certificates from the older classes.


New News


– Jim is also organizing a “Theatrical Magic” workshop with Troy Civic that everyone can go to.

– Need to hold an event to work on the wall.  This will be after EOP and will be discussed amoungst the officers and finalized next meeting.

Next Meeting will be 2/17 at 8 pm


Meeting Closed: 1:17